Senior Backend Developer


30.000 € - 60.000 €
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Job Description

What is it to work at Evaneos ?

It’s a completely entrepreneurial organization. Each developer is master of his time and projects he’s working on. He has a full vision of Evaneos and can initiate projects, find his team and follow it. The master words? Freedom, Responsibility, Entreprenership and team spirit

What will you work on?

We are growing fast and need a lot of developers! We don't have holes to fulfill, we meet people and if we want to work with them, we'll find together the team he/she'll join to have fun so that he/she can bring value to Evaneos!

We have actually a lot of projects. The public website is a very small part of the projects. To mention some of them:
- the PRO project: it is a SAAS platform for local agents to manage their travelers, the creation of travel' quotes, the accounting part... We are here to revolutionize the way there are working, they are loosing a lot of time copy pasting data...
- the website part: let's create a revolutionary traveler experience online!
- the community part: we are not only here to sell travels but also to help travelers discover new destinations. To do so we have a community of writers who are currently writing articles about places and destinations. Let's put that online to offer a new way to discover destinations.
- the accounting part: we are managing a lot of currencies, of markets, of destinations... the travelers are paying on the Evaneos platform and each day we have to change money, each months, we transfer money to local agencies... A lot of process to improve, we are currently building a team to rethink from scratch the actual processes.


About Evaneos

Official website, founding date, employees, how did it all begin... Do you know the whole story?

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